New year comes again

New year comes again

New year is coming again.I think that I should type  some words on my blog as usual to mark these special days. so it can make me remmber these days after a long time later.


There is many things happened last year. Happy,sad,excting etc.

I have learned many things from my frends and colleagues. I  really know what I need to do.what should I do. and what I must to do.

Computer Language:

  This is the foundtion of my work. So I must to control it fully.And I must to understand the kernel of it.

3D Graphics:

 I must say that's my favorite.I have tried my best to learn it well. And it's my pleasure to work on this.I have a dream that One day I can render a world by myself. it looks like a photo. and performance in a real-time fps.


My English is very poor.Just as my C/C++ 2 years ago. But I have planed to try my best to learn it well.I have many thing to do depended on it.I wanna communicate with ppl all over the world.I wanna learn more about the orthers.especially about the computer science.

I'll still reading,speaking,listening everyday.I believe that I'll get my point for my effort.

Operating System

Now.I am familiar with WINDOWS only.But I wanna know more about the Unix/Linux. especially Android.I wanna write some games on Andriod. or maybe a soft 3d renderer. I'll try my best to let these come true.not to be a joke.


This is the fisrt spring festival after I leave from university.and I have been work for my company 1.5 years.

In this new year. wish all of my friends and colleagues are happy ,dream out and make more money.

I still love my work. love all the things what I love before.

Sorry for my poor english. But I am trying to improve it and making it goes better.

'It's too late to apologize'

this is my favorite english song. I just wanna not apologize to myself. to my families.

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